Piing is a totally new idea for event interaction
Get the whole room playing, shouting and interacting, instantly.
Everyone gets their phone out and joins a game on the big screen
Up to 200 people play a game on a big screen at the same time, using their phones as controllers.
“Everyone absolutely loved the game. The atmosphere in the room was amazing!”
Ellen Shaw, Account Manager at WRG
Wake your event audience up with a Piing game. They’ll be playing, shouting and cheering, ready to engage with whatever you’ve got lined up next.
“No app to download? That’s brilliant!”
Joe Gilliver, Project Lead at Rapport
Piing is all web-based, meaning it’ll work on your audience’s phones, instantly.
No app needed.
The Games
Piing games are designed for big groups to play on one big screen.
Built by proper game designers, every game is super simple and uniquely challenging.
2 to 30 players
Carve down the mountain avoiding boulders and crazy snowboarders. The last boarder standing takes the glory!
2 to 100+ players
A fast-paced multiplayer team game of classic arcade tennis. Move your bat on your phone, then swarm together to smash the ball past the other team.
Buggy Race
2 to 30 players
Take control of a dune buggy in this frenetic desert drag race. Last buggy standing wins.
200+ players
Create your own quizzes in our Questions Manager (or search for 'pub quiz questions' in your local search engine and copy those) and have the crowd play along in the browser on their phones.
Browse all the games
Brand it like you mean it
All Piing games have easy customisation options to make them your own.
Upload a logo to turn any game into a branded experience for your event.
We're proud to have been one of only a handful of companies on the intu Accelerate 2018 programme.
We proved Piing's perfect fit for experiential retail in a series of trials at intu Merry Hill shopping centre, with a fantastic presenter and retailer prizes for every game.
1700 plays
125 games
Download our PDF of trial stats.
Bespoke Games
We’ve created unique re-skins and entire new bespoke games for the sole use of individual clients.
Email or call us to find out more.
Set it up and run it yourself
There’s no need for support staff if you want to run Piing at your event.
Setting up a Piing game is super easy using our account management system and you don’t need any fancy or expensive hardware.
View our Piing Setup Guide
The Piing team are here to help
If have have any questions about running a Piing game, just email or call us and we’ll help you out.
Optional on-site support
We can provide support staff and hardware to run games at your event. Email or call us for options and prices.
Piing demos are FREE!
“We had a quick game of Rebound and now I really get it”
Sarah Jones, Senior Event Producer at G-vents
You can set up a free, unlimited demo of any Piing game in a couple of minutes.
All you need is a laptop for the big screen, a phone or tablet for the game controller and as many friends or colleagues with phones as you can grab (at least 2).
Set up a FREE demo now