Piing delivers the excitement of mass-participation to events of every size

Games for Crowds
We make Games for Crowds of 30 to 100,000+ at real-world, hybrid and online events.
New engagement technology
Our massive multiplayer games create an engaging, competitive atmosphere that audiences love, bringing people together in unique shared moments.
Quick to join, fun to play
Piing games are played on an event's big screens, and the crowd uses their smartphones as game controllers. There’s no app to download, just scan the QR code to join and play!
Bespoke branding
All Piing games can be customised to match any brand or theme. Our fanzone games can be fully reskinned with custom gameplay assets.

Trusted by brands, globally

Massive Games


A Live interactive gameshow for 100 to 100,000+ players

Quiiz lets your brand deliver an interactive TV show via live video. A presenter guides players through the questions, shouting out players’ names and scores as they play along, creating a unique shared moment.
The live Quiiz stream video can include pre-recorded clips, graphics, sounds and other TV magic, turning a humble quiz into a premium experience.
We helped set the Guinness World Record the for the biggest online quiz, achieved using Piing's Quiiz platform - first with AutoTrader UK in November 2022, and then again with A1 Slovenia in February 2023.

Penalty Shootout

Enormous matchday fun
Create stadium-sized ‘wow’ moments as 50,000 players all take their shot at once in this massive-scale version of a high-tension penalty shootout.
Pit home fans against away fans, different parts of the stadium, or teams representing your club’s most legendary players against one another.

Fanzone games

Fun for up to 100 players at your venue, online, or a mix of the two.
  • Rebound: ‘Pong’… with up to 100 players!
  • Footy Rebound: Football Pong… with up to 100 players!
  • Buggy Race: Race your buggy across the desert avoiding the palm trees and boulders [up to 30 players]
  • Snowboarding: Race your snowboarder down the mountain avoiding the rocky obstacles  [up to 30 players]
  • Footy Race: Dribble your football up the pitch,  weaving between cones and trophies [up to 30 players]
  • Basketball Race: Bounce your basketball up the court dodging the defenders  [up to 30 players]
  • Piing Prix: Steer around the islands and chicanes in this fast-paced F1-style race game [up to 30 players]

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