Piing Setup Guide
Piing is designed to be easy for anyone to set up, with no technicians or special hardware required.
All you need is a laptop for the Big Screen, a phone for the Game Controller and a couple of chums with phones to join in the fun.
1. Set up a game
Piing Account System
Any web browser
Log into your account, create an Event, then add a Game to it. Hit the Play button for the launch details.
2. Start the Big Screen
Google Chrome browser
PC / Mac
Piing games run in what we call the ‘Big Screen’. This is a web page that runs in Google Chrome on a PC or Mac. Everyone playing your game needs to be able to see this screen.
Large screen or projector
At your event you’ll want to to show Piing games on the biggest screen you can. If you’re demoing or testing you can just run it on your laptop screen.
3. Start the Game Controller
Game Controller web page
Tablet or phone
Each game has a single ‘Game Controller’, which is used to adjust settings and start the game while it's running on the Big Screen.
Just log in the same way you did for the Big Screen, then tap ‘Allow Players to Join’ so all your players can join the game on their phones.
4. Find some players
2+ Players
Tablets or phones
Piing games are multi-player, so grab some friends or colleagues and get them to connect by getting their phones out and following the instructions on the join screen.
5. Start the game
Game Controller web page
Tablet or phone
The Game Controller tells you how many players have joined your game. Once you’ve got 2 or more, it will update to show a Start Game button. Tap it to start the funtimes.
Piing demos are FREE!