Move fast and break things (like World Records)

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Auto Trader had a key objective to reach new audiences and increase their brand’s association with electric vehicles. This was achieved by promoting their monthly electric car giveaways while hosting a Guinness World Record-breaking Piing Quiiz!

World Records are hard

To break the world record, Auto Trader needed over 2,328 players to stay connected for a whole hour and answer every single question in the quiz.

Brilliant engagement at a massive scale

Auto Trader and Piing have worked together since 2020, providing 1000+ player employee engagement quizzes. They knew we had the skills to deliver an engaging, interactive show built on a platform that would scale to meet any sized audience they could throw at it.
The live broadcast featured Rory Reid, Auto Trader’s YouTube Director and Simon Hosannah, Auto Trader’s Client Director presenting the quiz and reading out the questions. Using Quiiz’s live player data feed they were able to shout out names and scores, bringing the audience into a truly live, interactive, TV-like experience.'s ultra-low latency streaming service, which is integrated into the Piing platform, is an essential part of the Quiiz experience. Ultra-low-latency live video creates a tight feedback loop between player and presenter, allowing the audience to feel immersed in the live experience.
We chose the Piing Quiiz platform because we were so impressed by previous work they’ve done for us internally - their Quiizes have been so popular with our staff.

This got us thinking, how can we take that joy and spread it further, to a consumer audience, while also extending the message of our monthly electric car giveaway? The idea of a World Record was born and Piing’s gusto for the challenge cemented our commitment to it.

Piing collaborated brilliantly with our internal technical teams to deliver a result that was, in the eyes of Guinness World Records, ‘Officially Amazing’! We look forward to replicating that fun and finding new and wild ways of working with Piing in the future.
– Laura McNally, Auto Trader’s Consumer Marketing Director

Speedy data delivery

Utilising Piing's comprehensive data capture capabilities, we were able to efficiently record and present the necessary information to the Guinness World Record adjudicator, enabling them to confirm the record just minutes after the quiz ended and allowing Auto Trader and the audience to celebrate straight away!

Unique marketing data

In addition to gathering standard marketing metrics, such as website traffic, pre-registration form completions and participants on the night; the quiz questions were scripted to gain an understanding of each player’s knowledge of electric vehicles. The responses to the questions enabled insightful audience segmentation for future education and marketing efforts.
  • Over 65,000 individuals pre-registered to take part in the quiz
  • 16,421 took part in the quiz on the night
  • 7,297 players answered every question and stayed for the duration of the hour-long quiz

So… did we get a Guinness World Record?

The previous record for the Biggest Online Quiz was 2,328. Auto Trader and Piing totally smashed it with 7,297 players! Bosh!
It’s always a pleasure to work with a client like Auto Trader who understands the value of consumer engagement and also enjoys thinking outside the box. We were thrilled to have helped them achieve all their marketing objectives, while also breaking a world record.
– Piing CEO, Gareth Langley