34,000 plays of Piing at Silverstone Drive-In Cinema

For 25 days last December, our Piing Snowboarding game graced the gorgeous screens of ADI.tv at Silverstone's Lap Land - a chance for parents to drive around the world renowned racetrack, oooh and aaah at lights and laser beams, before parking up to watch The Snowman at their 3 screen drive-in cinema.
It takes 10-20 mins for all the cars to arrive and park up in front of the big screens, so ADI were looking for something simple and fun to keep viewers engaged before the movie started. As we're in the depths of winter, our Snowboarding game seemed like a natural fit. And it was.
Looking at the stats, we could immediately see that the games were popular, and by the time we all went into Tier 4, we had amassed a staggering 34,000 plays across three screens, in just over 3 weeks. After a year focusing on virtual events, it was great to run something in the real world again.
We always say that Piing games look best on the you've got, but don't worry if you don't have your own 60m2 big screen in your drive way, Piing games also work great on your home laptop via screenshare - perfect for virtual events too.